“Revvel’s Tomb” (Archaeological Fiction)

Short Story Pic: "Revvel's Tomb" by Brenna Pierson


Anna, a young archaeologist, along with her partner, a pyramidologist named David, arrived at Revvel’s Tomb to investigate some oddities at the popular tourist attraction. What they actually discovered was something even more strange and unexpected than anything they had heard of or seen before—and it certainly did not belong in a tomb thousands of years old.



do not go in there!” a tour guide yelled down the staircase going down into the tomb. His eyes darted round, as if something would float up the staircase to attack him. His deep voice sounded strained both with fear and the unfamiliar words he spoke. “Strange, strange things we hear. We had to close down all the trucks bring tourists—until you finish checking here.”

Standing idly in the middle of the staircase was archeologist Anna Purgitt. The tomb’s interior felt stale, while the stairs ran a rigid, cramped path, heading down to a dark, pit-like tunnel descending farther into the tomb. Metal railings ran downward along each wall, following alongside the steps, the stair tunnel closing in towards the bottom. At the ceiling, the trapdoor gaped re-opened after the popular tourist spot had remained closed for one day. A beam of sunlight broke into the tomb’s brief isolation, and Anna’s short brown hair stayed still as she raised her head, her keen eyes staring up at the open trapdoor as she creased her forehead. She looked up past her associate, who stood on the stairway halfway between Anna and the ceiling. Anna’s associate, David, his brown hair settling lightly on his face, glanced down at Anna and smiled, amused.

David, the pyramidologist, then looked up at the tour guide. “What exactly have you been hearing?”

The tour guide’s head started to shake. “First time, in Prince’s Chamber, I was with tour group. We heard things…things knocking on the walls. Second time, again in Prince’s Chamber, another group heard same thing. Must be haunted by mummy. Then, the mummy will curse us!” He paused and swallowed. “Then, last time, in Queen’s Chamber, ©Brenna Pierson

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