“Revvel’s Tomb” (Page 11)

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my hands shook, and I kept missing. He knew about me…and he was gonna use me.” He stepped down into the lair, looking up  earnestly. “Member when I told you I knew you were coming?” Anna nodded, staring at the boy with intrigue. “I did. I see pictures: pictures in
my head.”

“Those are dreams,” David said, flatly.

“No, `cause I’m awake,” Mark continued. “Pictures just pop in my mind, you know? I know it’s weird, but they do. When I was littler, I saw pictures of what’d happen in school next month. Then I saw more and more stuff, and now, I see lots of things: I saw pictures of that plane crashing before it happened last week. And then…I saw pictures of that cult guy taking those people to that house.” Anna paused, remembering the plane that recently crashed in South America, as well as the cult leader who led his followers to a cabin, locked them up, and gassed them to death.

Mark continued. “My uncle told me to think harder, so he could write a book about my pictures: you know, like those books about what Nostradamus saw. My uncle wanted a lot of money. Then, he beat me when I couldn’t see that far, `cause I only see things a few months before they happen—and he says it takes longer to get a book done, so I have to see further ahead.” Mark lowered his head. “Then, he hit me over and over. Then, he said instead of a book, he’d do speeches where he’d tell people what I saw, but say they were predictions—and that I couldn’t get no pay, except more hitting.” Mark’s head remained lowered, but Anna saw it shaking as he gently sobbed. “So, I had to shoot him. I know he won’t make it: He’s gonna die at the hospital.” ©Brenna Pierson

Mark made a fist and wiped his eyes with it, keeping his head lowered. David looked at Anna, gesturing to make a phone call. Anna nodded, heading quickly to the stairway.

Anna and David sped up the staircase, through the tunnel, and back into the Queen’s Chamber. Anna rushed to her backpack on the floor, took out her phone, dialed the tourguide, and told him what they had found.

“Can you believe it, though, that kid thinking he can see the future?” David asked. “Some excuse for killing your own uncle!”

Anna thought for a moment about Mark’s clear eyes and  straightforward face. “I don’t know. It almost seems like—“

Mark’s voice interrupted her. “I know you called the tour people, ©Brenna Pierson

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